Security services that fit your needs!

Tired of those old school suit and tie "security" consultants billing you 300 € per hour for an automated security scan they call a penetration test? Security doesn't need to be expensive, complicated and annoying! Penetration tests only provide value if clear remediation instructions are provided combined with a risk assessment that takes your business risks into account. Screw those 100-page-long reports with useless scanner output that your developers don't understand, make it fun again!

You're not really sure if you really need a penetration test? Good point! According to research commissioned by Centrify a data breach has a major financial impact on your company, it often leads to a:
  • 5% drop in average stock price the day a breach is announced
  • 7% loss of customers
  • 31% of consumers discontinue the relationship
That's not even all! The loss of business secrets and potential GDPR fines pose a risk to your company you shouldn't ignore.

So you're running a web shop, a cryptocurrency exchange or even a custom web application running on AWS using Kubernetes that interact with mobile apps (on the blockchain)? Let's today and contact me at rkugler [at] for a custom offer that actually fits your needs. NGOs and especially human rights projects will get free security assessments and operational security consulting if needed.